sold…….2006 Hummer H1 Alpha “VIP Edition” Bullet Proof/ Armored/ Security


2006 Hummer H1 Alpha “VIP” edition b6+ Up armored/ bullet proof . This is the pinnacle of luxury, off road capability , customization , and security molded into one vehicle . This Hummer H1 alpha took over 3 years to complete. This alpha has more options added to it then any other street legal Hummer H1 I have ever seen. In all the years that I have been researching, buying, selling, and driving  hummers , I have never come across a street legal Hummer with a higher build sheet. I have seen 2 non street legal builds that could have cost more to build, Robby Gordon’s orange H3 Dakar truck rumored to be 1 million $ ,  and the Zero South Hummer build .  There also were a couple Baja 500, 1000 Hummers with long travel suspension and crazy shocks that I don’t know what kind of money went into them.

This low mileage Alpha went to Predator Inc, and had every possible option they offered added. The original 5 speed transmission was removed and a Alison 6 speed was added, performance aluminum intercooler, 2/4 wd transfer case, performance aluminum radiator, 4″ alpha Kore exhaust, raptorq eco upgrade 550hp, 1000ftlbs torque, triple lock torque converter, fender flares, Predator 6 piston big brake kit, custom Predator wheels with run flats and steel braided ctis lines, 40″ Toyo tires, search and rescue front bumper with 12k winch, Predator heavy duty brush guard with 2 Hella 4000 Rally Eye HID lights, Predator performance shock system with reservoir , manual adjusting shocks, steering frame reinforcement , led headlight set, hood snubbers, search and rescue roof rack with custom light tabs, 2 x 50″ e series Rigid led light bars front and rear, 4x 20″ e series Rigid led light bars on sides, rear search and rescue heavy duty bumper with 12k winch , dual ladders, rear light bar, rear tire carrier, jerry can carrier, Flir camera system, billet fuel locking doors, Pioneer head unit, with navigation and rear view camera , Focal speakers mids and tweeters, Rockford Fosgate amps, sub woofers with custom enclosures, DTV sat system with tracvision , wifi, 2 ac dc inverters, custom fire suppressant system, dual electric retracting steps with 4 led lights, front and rear strobe lights, custom cross diamond stitched interior, custom head liner, custom dash with leather, custom carpet, satellite phone system , tv’s in head rest with gaming system , custom security camera system with 4 continuous recording cameras on sd card,

Then it went to TAC, Texas Armoring Corporation , to get the T6 ultra light weight armoring with TAC 1337 premium oem finishing. TAC protection level :T6 NU3 or B6+. (7.62 nato x 51, m80 ball, 5.56, .223, m193: 7.62 x 39, 30.06,plus handgun .44 mag, 357mag. Protection against DM-51 hand grenades , anti tank mines and certain Ieds, Windows are 40mm curved glass/polycarbonate. All pillars fenders and have 5/16′ High Hardened  Ballistic Steel, side doors have Spectra Shield ultra light weight armor. Roof and floor have Ballistic Nylon and waterproof Kevlar, Upgraded batteries , all four windows partially operate, spectra shield in hood, electric shocking handles, secure deadbolt locking system, self sealing fuel tank, siren loud speaker, dual ram bumpers, custom locking shelving, everything is reinforced,